The Twilight Saga Crewneck

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Body Length: 27 // Body Width: 20 // Sleeve Length: 33.5 


Body Length: 28 // Body Width: 22 // Sleeve Length: 34.5


Body Length: 29 // Body Width: 24 // Sleeve Length: 35.5


Body Length: 30 // Body Width: 26 // Sleeve Length: 36.5

Twilight Fans Rise!🩸This is your next favorite crewneck. It will keep you warm for many years(and Twilight binge watches) to come! 

♡ An embroidered design🧵

Unisex size Crewneck

All designs are personalized and digitized by Nostalgia Endless and then machine embroidered in USA. We hand finish all items to a professional quality with industrial backing to secure the stitching.

Can be washed as normal on most machine cycles with no fear of unravelling; hard-wearing, long lasting quality.


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Return & Exchange Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of production (made-to-order), we do not accept refunds or returns. Every piece is uniquely tailored to your image and made only once the order is placed. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at